Zola Jesus | Pitchfork Music Festival 2018 | Full Set

Zola Jesus performs live in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival 2018
0:03 Veka
5:00 Soak
9:11 Dangerous Days
15:49 Witness
20:18 Siphon
24:14 Bound
27:19 Remains
32:52 Night
36:21 Vessel
41:00 Exhumed


  1. People that are non-conforming, themselves, one of a kind instead of the conforming sheep (with all due respect to sheep) most humans normally are should be held in high regard as they are a rare and dying breed. If you like her music or not doesn't matter: this is as pure, emotional and personal as music can get. And that voice, oh my…..

  2. No clue why people are disliking this. This is really good and this woman puts on a great, energetic show. I can only assume it's because she's not a photogenic blonde like Taylor Swift (who is vastly over-rated, in my opinion).

  3. This fine lady needs a proper band. They did alright if one considers the minimalistic formation taken onstage. However, in festivals and in other large venues, a drummer, a bass player, and so forth, are pretty much essential. It adds so much more to the live experience and presence of the artist. Nevertheless, she's just incredible.

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