Witness shares experience at Astroworld Festival

It was Reese Bludau’s first music festival. It ended in tragedy when nine people died during Travis Scott’s performance.



  1. The two "men" that talked to him onstage disappeared in thin air. Most concert goers never saw them, so when they see them jump into the audience near them they get scared. It sounds like a good time…

  2. Travis is now saying he didn’t no what was in the audience he just saw lights. He is very malipative in the video it says there an ambulance in the crowd woa woa he says.and now in one of his interviews he claims he just saw lights . Well if that’s the case why not say on the mic to your fans and workers what is that in the audience and they would tell you. Stop singing for 2 seconds to ask that. He didn’t cause he knew shit was going on. Then when you saw your fans dancing on it you don’t say get down. I know why cause you like bad kids you tell them to rage and be bad. No matter what the hell you thought the thing was in audeience you should say get the hell off of it. But Travis didn’t of course not. The guy does not have a Brian the more he keeps talking he digs himself in a hole TikTok video it was bad now this knew interview he looks bad. Please put this guy in jial so these kids can get justice. The ten that died and hundreds trampled. And hundreds passing out. Please give them justice you deserve


  4. I heard everything about this concert was off. Evil/satanic imagery, weird bass frequencies being played sporadically between songs, him not caring about people dying, and most if not everyone felt an evil vibe

  5. Whoever planned the concert was a moron! How can you have thousands of people crammed together and possibly control everything!

  6. Well, the fake media running damage control. One needs only look at the stage to see Travis Scott's true intentions. Travis coming out of the black box. His shirt. People, who had to walk into the concert through a statue of Travis and the people walked through his mouth reference, Molech. There was a dark visitor. Travis used frequencies and deliberate spells. Kylie and Travis claimed they saw nothing. Kylie was in the VIP area, where they took the dead bodies and filmed the ambulance,but hurried and deleted it, so her money wouldnt run out. And they have.Travis chanting and looking at the ambulance and a young man either dead or unconscience. This was deliberate..

  7. Should be mad at the people who was still dancing while people was died 🤷 the people boo and stop so many shows 🤣 but now it's the artist fault 🤦 they like blaming Adriana for The explosion killed the attacker and 22 concert-goers and parents who were in the entrance waiting to pick up their children following the show; 119 people

  8. Funny they all got those vaccines to be able to attend and everybody gets sick at the concert..was a Santanic ritual..Look around..

  9. I find it funny and scary how this happened after Halloween Kill’s release considering it had a big Herd Mentally theme to it.

  10. And they are calling metal satanic
    But then this guy whom I never heard of and is like "Hold My beer"
    (R.I.P to those have died)

  11. 'Escape plan' 6 days prior. 'Don't die tonight' on stage. With all the respect to the corridors of hell, it was planned by psychopaths.

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