Why are music festivals so expensive? | The Economist

Today there are festivals in more parts of the world than ever before–and ticket prices are higher than ever before. Why are festivals so expensive? Read more about how big stars maximise their take from tours here:

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  1. INCREDIBLE- Thank you for sharing this !! Very inspirational and wants me to align what I do with a bigger calling of creating transformational experiences. Truly powerful – keep it up! 🔥🥒🙌🎧✨

  2. This prices are nothing when you compare it with the '538 Oranjedag' event in Holland hihi, prices for tickets for this (corona)event can be cost thousends of euros😂💸

  3. Glastonbury is not expensive in my opinion, it’s the best 5 days of the year. Putting on that monster is costly. They don’t pay so much to the acts because for eg Lionel Richie played the legends slot on Sunday afternoon, the next day his greatest hits album went to number 1, 10 years after release when it didn’t come close to number 1. Profits go to local charities and others such as water aid. My favourite place in the world. Even when it’s not on during the year it’s my favourite place to walk. 👍🇬🇧

  4. ticketmaster greed is a big problem. i feel sad for todays youth. I grew up in the 70s, we made our own experiences. We had field parties, an open field, a flatbed truck a generator and some kocal bands (and kegs of cheap beer)

  5. Can you please make a video to explain why these expos are so expensive, like siggraph, CES, comic con, they don’t even hire super stars. The vendors actually pay the organizers to get in for the exposure opportunities.

  6. Its easy as to have a venue set up in a large abandoned workshop shed in an industrial area and throw a big festival party…..but public liability will be a major factor. You need insurance to cover your a$$. And that aint cheap

  7. 1.49 Dubioza Kolektiv !! Been to their gig once, super awesome band and atmosphere at the gig, I recommend you checking their music out. Btw ima li naših?? <3

  8. The problem with modern music festivals is more and more people are too busy 'experiencing' i.e. talking through the music others paid a lot of money to see.

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