We Attended One of the Biggest Music Festivals In The World · Tomorrowland

YB sets out for another adventure, this time in Boom, Belgium. 400,000 people and endless music!

Credits: Footage from Tomorrowland TV (


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Ummet Ozcan
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  1. Am I the only one who thought they could’ve hyped this up better? Like I felt like I was watching an episode of the travel channel lmao

  2. If you tell me you dress like this to a festival for “self expression”, I say stop lying. We are all products of evolution.

  3. Belgium tomorowland is in belgium antwerp boom right ye i litteraly live 1km from there and where i am is called Aartselaar

  4. I know that its tough to get the time to manage to visit 16 stages. But if you are gonna make a video about a whole festival experience you should show more than 2 stages and show the different genres that are played at every stage. The main stage is cool yes. But there are so much more to this festival that they dont show you except the most mainstream and well known stuff.

  5. Ah works for the try guys now, and oof it’s one of my dreams to go to either Tomorrowland or Ultra music festival 🤩

  6. They could not have picked the most mainstream djs to interview
    Just shows how the edm scene is actually dying

  7. Thank goodness it's not held in the US. Imagine that. Would be the most dangerous event in the world..Pow…pow…pow…

  8. All Festivals are money-making machine… they are not catered to the real ravers. This is all a hype stoked to bring those who want to say they attended a festival. However, if everyone gathers together and have a wonderful time that's great but I cannot comprehend paying 500euros for a weekend ticket and then buying "pearls" that vanish before your very eyes because the prices of food and drinks are the price of human kidneys in the black market.. WTF. Gone are the days of good music, smaller venues, intimacy with the crowd and djs.

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