US: At least eight killed in crush at Astroworld music festival

At least eight people were killed and dozens injured during the first night of rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas.
The performer, who created and launched the event in 2018, said he was devastated by Friday’s incident and promised “total support” to the police.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

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  1. They put up barricades for both vip area and also to improve the filming for the live stream on Apple TV. The barricades trapped the general admission crowd when everyone packed to one stage to watch the headline performance. There were no other performers at this time so entire audience funneled to 1 stage. Supposedly barriers were chest high on tall men. When the crowd packed in there was no escape …
    someone in the city of Houston should’ve NOT have approved this setup. They reference that exits were fine to and from concert- that’s a totally different story than exits from within the crowd.…this isn’t about drugs or demonic rituals.
    This is the almighty $$ . Apple and livenation and the local government need to take responsibility for this tragedy. You can tell the police are already trying to hedge to say it was drugs or whatever. BULLSHIT . Plenty of people do drugs at shows and don’t die and get injured en masse like this

  2. organisator of the festival the security the fire department the city that allowed this festival all should be investigated i bet there was no escape routes nothing that could break the wave of audience that ran away in panic

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