TWICE – LIKEY, 트와이스 – LIKEY (Part Changed Ver.) @2017 MBC Music Festival

Play list for 2017 MBC Music Festival☞


  1. This proves they can sing and rap well. I want to know the opinion of people who say that Twice can't sing and always lip sync. I guess they should see this. Even if they do lip sync isn't that still their voice? They still sing. By the way I really like this part swap. Jeongyeon proved she has a beautiful voice and deserves more lines. Dahyun also has a beautiful voice. Nayeon can rap. Momo got the position as a sub rapper not without reason. and Chaeyoung got a dance break. I wish they could be more loved.

  2. Switched Positions
    Jeongyeon: Main Vocalist
    Jihyo: Lead Vocalist
    Dahyun: Lead Vocalist
    Momo: Lead Rapper
    Nayeon: Main Rapper
    Chaeyoung: Main Dancer
    Sana: Sub Vocalist
    Tzuyu: Sub Vocalist
    Mina: Visual

  3. Nayeon lines- Jihyo
    Jeongyeon lines- Dahyun
    Momo lines + dance break- Chaeyoung
    Sana lines- Tzuyu
    Jihyo lines- Jeongyeon
    Mina lines- Sana
    Dahyun lines- Momo
    Chaeyoung lines- Nayeon
    Tzuyu lines- Mina

  4. jeongyeon deserves to be a main vocal with jihyo and chae is such a good dancer she is an ace CHANGE MY MIND !

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