1. My cell is in a case on my chest. It's a cheaper model not desired and that's how I roll. Mom bought another high dollar I phone she had it < 3 months cracked the screen. Still has a monthly bill just under $200.

    Just what she pays for cell easily covers/pays for my plan, my utilities, and all the gas I burn in a month and has left over.

    See when you have expenses Like that it cascades into additional expensive bills. Causes her to have to work jobs that normally she would pass on. That's more fuel burning more miles on the vehicle she is paying on. Less time equates to you guessed it more spending. Spending on impulse food posing additional risk and expenses. Like that time I was doing something for others and my car was hit by an uninsured motorist. Cost me a lot of time and hassle. Putting me where I didn't have to be.

    Someone might say you need to help her ? No use , you help her and it's only going to draw you into the same thing. See I've seen people who should have all money problems covered but when they had the money they destroyed the gain.

  2. 🤔🤳🏾💭 I have no sympathy for the BS these people are doing there's no excuse for ignorance and those who support it! Play a stupid a** game win a stupid a** prize  so congratulations ya played ya self 🏆 😏

  3. Florida Where America really needs to build a wall to keep the murders, pedos and rapist in. Donate now Patriots, it will be a real wall not a scam by a bloated orange coward to give federal tax dollars to its cult

    for criminals by criminals – DeSatans model republican state. Dont let republican values contaminate the US.

  4. Do they resell them back in Mexico? I don't own a mobile phone and I don't want one. Whenever I see people flocking to a "music" festival like the Frye one, I am left in wonder at how many people have more money than sense. They don't ever seem to have jobs, so where does that money come from?

  5. I can't go to concerts anymore. All the idiots have their phones out filming and I can't see anything. Most of the people are 300+ pounds, too (and poorly dressed).

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