1. Good God man a techno festival in Miami……. I don’t think you could attract more douchebags if you tried.

  2. there's nothing wrong with going to a concert for the night but people that attend festivals that last multiple days are terrible people. one of my friends went to this one called ness creek, did a bunch of drugs and basically got brainwashed by hippies. he couldn't hold down a job or keep a roof over his head for the longest time after that. got depressed that he couldn't just party 24/7 and whined that everything should be free. haven't heard from him in a couple years, hope he's turned it around.

  3. i wish everyone felt free enough to do more than the two step and a fist pump.

    it's pretty much why i stopped going. bunch of slugs in the way on the dancefloor. i get where you're coming from, girl.

  4. I'm all about workout and having a healthy life but if you're stuck in a place being miserable and not having fun… just get high!

  5. Why do ppl record videos during a dance festival omg do these ppl know what to do ata dance music festival

  6. to the organizers, if you make people pay a very expensive tikets and they don't have an acceptable floor to dance, you don't know how to organize something good

  7. Jokes on you, if you don’t wanna go why buying the ticket? Thousands of people out there dream of just going to a EDM festival ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME AND THEY CANT AFFORD IT!!!!! You should feel lucky to be able to attend.

  8. Lol you’re trying to throw shade when you’re in general admission. There’s a reason you never got an artist band: you can’t have an ugly facade AND ugly personality 🤣

  9. you must have real issues for just sitting around judging people and recording them, i’m actually sorry for you bb

  10. Thanks to social media everything change and people are just not the same just like old days to have some fun at the ultra….. disappointed

  11. She was probably sober with no friends and not trynna get a root, theres you're probably dont come if your going just to listen to music 🤣

  12. For me some of the songs I liked but others were quiet and not as good or sounded like a sci-fi soundtrack

  13. Girl: clearly suffering from a medical emergency

    Natasha: insults the girl's plastic surgery

    You're quite honestly bottom of the barrel when it comes to youtube

  14. Why are you filming people enjoy themselves and shaming them? How stuck up! why did you bother going?

  15. That's not Ultra 2019, 2019 was at Virginia Key ! And I was there !!!!! Best festival of my life more than Tomorrowland !

  16. Fitness is a lifestyle and If you're able to help others or improve their life that's great but just judging people and trying to position yourself over them does not make you better.
    I was vegan for almost 4 years but I found that judging others is part of the equation.
    To sum up, if you are not helping others, mind your business and try to have fun instead of looking what others are doing.

  17. I’m glad you had bad time being there toothpick. Hopefully all your future festivals (and life in general) sucks like you as a person! 😘

  18. yo, take another tab and vibe with us, we may be fat but i can tell you we fuckin enjoy ourselves, and dont worry, I wont record you and try and shame you on youtube 😉 cuz im cool like that.

  19. Electronic music festivals always sucked that's why I preferred metal mosh pits like rock Im ring and ozzfest and dynamo

  20. Ha-If i saw someone filming when drunk and i am having a good time-i would just grab their camera.No one is brave there.Just seeing a few arm chair referees here

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