The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2 | Red Bull Music Festival Los Angeles

On February 23rd, Red Bull Music and Rockstar Games presented “The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2” — a live audio and visual experience featuring the dynamic Original Score and soundtrack of Rockstar’s critically-acclaimed game “Red Dead Redemption 2.” 

The performance, which served as the closing installation of this year’s Red Bull Music Festival Los Angeles, featured an ensemble led by Original Score Composer Woody Jackson that brought Red Dead Redemption 2’s rich musical landscape to life, with select visuals that immersed attendees in the dramatic Western landscapes of the game.

Check out the digital debut of the performance here, featuring artists like saxophonist Colin Stetson, vocalist Petra Hayden, experimental Indonesian duo Senyawa, and more — and stay tuned for the full release of “The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2” albums, coming this Spring.

Set List:
1. Blessed Are The Peacemakers 0:01
2. Mrs Sadie Adler, Widow 5:09
3. Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten 9:48
4. Who The Hell Is Leviticus Cornwall 15:04
5. Lost And Not Quite Found 20:11
6. Senyawa Solo 21:52
7. Paradise Mercifully Departed 24:30
8. A Rage Unleashed 27:09
9. Colin Stetson Solo 30:35
10. Fleeting Joy 33:39
11. Icarus and Friends 37:01
12. Red Dead Redemption 41:11
13. The Wheel 45:45
14. Blood Feuds, Ancient And Modern 50:41

Full Personnel List:
Woody Jackson
Ginger Murphy
Judy Kang
Karen Hall
Molly Rogers
Leah Zeger
Paul Cartwright
Amir Yaghmai
Diana Wade
Todd Dahlhoff
David Ralicke
Pablo Calogero
Alex Budman
Jordan Katz
Jon Theodore
Ben Peeler
Lexii Lynn Frazier
Marta Honer
Davey Chegwidden
Alfredo Ortiz
Dave Palmer
Petra Haden
Colin Stetson
Doyle Bramhall

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