The Mountbatten Festival of Music 2021 | The Bands of HM Royal Marines

Join us for the world premiere broadcast of the Mountbatten Festival of Music 2021 from the Royal Albert Hall, London.
Featuring 57 Royal Marines musicians, the Fanfare Team and world-famous Corps of Drums, watch as one of the best military bands in the world comes to life.
With an exciting programme of music including Neil Diamond, Ennio Morricone, Two Steps From Hell and Brian Tyler, there truly is something for everyone!

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00:00 – Sesquicentennial – WO1 Ivan Hutchinson RM
05:37 – Stallion – Thomas Bergersen, Arr. WO1 Ivan Hutchinson RM
09:30 – Mon Repos – LCpl Bugler Lewis Crowe and Bugler Mike Thomas
10:56 – F1 Theme – Brian Tyler, Arr. WO1 Ivan Hutchinson RM
14:10 – The Captain General – Sir Vivian Dunn
17:50 – El Camino Real – Alfred Reed
29:21 – Diamond Decades – Arr. WO1 Trev Naughton RM
45:44 – Once a Royal Marine – BdSgt Matt Bowditch
50:30 – The Music of Morricone – Arr. BdCpl Aaron Pitman
1:06:22 – Healer (NHS Tribute) – Rumer Arr. BdSgt Matt Bowditch
1:11:29 – The Unknown Warrior – WO1 Ivan Hutchinson RM
1:32:29 – Heart of Oak – William Boyce
1:33:16 – A Life on the Ocean Wave – Henry Russell, Arr. Kenneth Alford
1:34:25 – The National Anthem – Trad.

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  1. I wonder what it feels like to be the best in the world at your job – or part of it – 'cos these guys and gals are!!!!
    Magnificent concert – as usual. Till the next time

  2. In 1947 The Cenotaph in Preston Lancashire A SEA Of Women all in Black The cries of Anguish will stay with me till I Die

  3. Would you please forward my comments and send my congratulations to The Bands of HM Royal Marines and to all the performers, musicians involved in this truly extraordinary The Wonderful Show; One of most successful musical Show to date, is a dream of the audience ans listeners! It's in my opinion, the best musical performance in the world!

  4. Fabulous! repeat the sentiments of Robin below. Why is this not on terrestrial TV channels. Prime time viewing most definitely. FANTASTIC!

  5. Not only a tour de force of wonderful music but a history lesson as well. What more could anyone wish for.

  6. My first experience with band was in 1961. Since then it has been my life-long pursuit. These lads and ladies the Bands of HM Royal Marines are without question simply the best.

  7. What a wonderful performance from every single musician. I'd like to see the MFM live together with my oldest son!

  8. I'm a proud American from Minnesota. "The Unknown Warrior" was epic and appropriate. The Brits do things right.

  9. I must congratulate WO1 Ivan Hutchinson, RM and the video makers. The unknown warrior was absolutely perfect and a wonderful, powerful and perfect tribute to those unknown who gave their lives. Lest we forget. I🇬🇧⚘🌹

  10. When all else fails listen to this and be proud of the silent and musical hero's that make this country great.

  11. Einfach Spitze, Tolle Musik, schade das in der Riesigen Royal Albert Hall kein Publikum sein darf. Um so schöner das dieses Konzert trotzdem gespielt wurde.
    Gerne mehr

  12. This performance has just re-written the evolutionary theory of why we developed ears. Anyone who listens to that and isn't moved in some way has no soul and is lost. It's a little like 'Last Night of the Proms' but without the amateurish bbc and their political correctness. The tributes to HRH Prince Philip were… inspiring.

  13. Mountbatten, formerly known as the Battenbergs, a medieval noble house from Battenberg in Hessia, Germany. The German roots of the royal family.

  14. Ok, this was really a great concert, couldn't stop watching. The best was those three trumpet players during Ennio Morricone medley. That was absolutely Phantastic. 🙂

  15. El Camino real is such a great piece… did that with the swedish home guard once… in this tempo even haha… By the way was in the swedish cavalry played the trumpet on horseback. 🙂

  16. Whatever the future brings, we must by now understand the deliberate attempted destruction of our culture, of world cultures, by a concerted global plan, based on creating fear of nothing new and then death or maiming by hazardous genetic coding injected into the body.
    May himan beings regain their sanity and claim.back their inalienable rights to express through music, art, free speech etc etc.
    Good luck to all who opt to endanger their lives by rolling up their sleeves.
    Good luck to those who refuse.
    Wonderful music from one of the most awe inspiring venues on British shores.

  17. I cannot get enough of this music. Perfect for our Sydney (Australia) COVID lockdown. Thank you. Could I say a very big THANK YOU to the Conductor, Bands and especially the flugel horn soloist in Neil Diamonds "Hello". A brilliant and beautiful performance.

  18. Thank you so much for being able to listen to their great game as a pilot, as a reserve colonel. I think of you with a grateful heart. Highlighting Morricone and David Railton.
    József Novák

  19. Music exists, by the will of musicians. This festival of talented performers provokes and arouses a feeling of emotion, which does great honor to the history of men.

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