The Mountbatten Festival of Music 2020 | The Bands of HM Royal Marines

Join the Massed Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, Prince Harry and Meghan for the Mountbatten Festival of Music 2020. From the comfort of your living room, watch one of the finest military bands in the world perform an exciting programme of music including Sir Tom Jones, Gloria Estefan, Two Steps From Hell and music from the critically acclaimed film Gladiator by Hans Zimmer. There truly is something for everyone!
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Warning – this programme contains flashing images.

This virtual concert was recorded on the 7th March 2020, before the UK Government lockdown.


03:50 – The National Anthem
05:19 – Weiter Philharmoniker Fanfare – R Strauss, Art. G Keachie
10:01 – Under the White Ensign – V Dunn
13:58 – Evergreen – T Bergersen, Arr. I Hutchinson
16:59 – The Forgotten Army – C Harris
18:24 – Dragonwing – Two Steps From Hell, Arr. I Hutchinson
21:29 – HMS Hood – G Keachie
27:23 – Nabucco – G Verdi, Arr. I Hutchinson
35:58 – Tico Tico – Z Abreu, Arr. G Keachie
43:00 – Over the Rainbow – H Arlen, Arr. R Oetomo
48:56 – The Green Hornet – B May, Arr. G Keachie
53:05 – Sir Tom! – Arr. T Naughton
1:11:33 – Gloria! – Arr. N West
1:19:00 – The Sound of Silence – P Simon and A Garfunkel, Arr. P Trudgeon
1:25:03 – Let the People Sing ‘A Tribute to ENSA’ – Arr. G Keachie
1:42:01 – Fantasia on Greensleeves – R Williams, Arr. R Greaves, Trans. G Keachie
1:49:04 – Gladiator – H Zimmer, Arr. I Hutchinson
2:09:56 – Men of Honor – T Bergersen, Arr. I Hutchinson
2:13:24 – Sunset – AC Green
2:14:52 – Britannic Salute – T Arne/E Elgar, Arr. WW Shillito
2:21:20 – Heart of Oak – W Boyce
2:22:09- Sarie Marais – Arr. V Dunn
2:23:06 – A Life on the Ocean Wave – H Russell, Arr. K Alford
2:25:39 – You’ve Got the Music in Me – Arr. M Bowditch

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  1. It would be great if the United States was to create a symphony "band" like this, comprised of the best of our five branches (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy) and hold concerts like this on Patriotic National holidays, and travel the country and internationally ! Oops, forgot about the "Space Force"…sorry 🙄 (I don't think they even have a band yet 🤔)

  2. Thank you for watching the grand beautiful rendition of the finest military bands
    I have ever seen in my life.
    My heart is continually exciting during performance of bands.

  3. Wait ……….. Philip Mountbatten is German, changing his last name to marry the queen!😆 He’s not English! That’s where Harry got the Nazi uniform!!

  4. The only thing that spoilt the opening of this concert was seeing that whinging bitch Megan markle. The music was excellent as the marines have the best musicians in the armed forces.

  5. The British sing their national anthem, sincerely and with passion and honesty. Splendid! Here in Germany this is unthinkable, not even the German national football team is able to sing the German national anthem. But, what a wonderful concert and wonderful show this is! Great! Die Briten singen ihre Nationalhymne, aufrecht und mit Leidenschaft und Ehrlichkeit. Herrlich! Hier in Deutschland ist das undenkbar, nicht einmal die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft ist in der Lage, die deutsche Nationalhymne zu singen. Dies ist ein wunderschönes Konzert und eine sehr schöne Show, toll!

  6. Why did they wave the Union Flag for 'There Will Always be an England'? This is exactly what alienates Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they do not own that flag! Should have used St George's cross for that song and they would do well to remember that other home nations lost their lives in battle!!

  7. The brass neck on those two could rival the whole of the brass section of the orchestra! Standing there singing the National Anthem whilst plotting to bring down the Royal Family, couldn't make it up!

  8. Reviewing that video numerous times, it is pretty clear that there was a lot of affection and adulation for Harry and Meghan among the concert-goers, which I would expect would translate to the population as a whole. That being the case, one has to wonder how far wrong things went inside the royal family for them to walk away.

  9. So much owed by so many to so few.
    I bow my head, I close my eyes and I give my gratitude to all Military personnel… Past, Present and Future. Thank you to every one of you x

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