THE MARTINEZ BROTHERS at Music On Festival 2018

THE MARTINEZ BROTHERS at Music On Festival 2018

Music On Festival will be back in 2021; same weekend, same location and the same lineup!

Together with the artists on board for next year and all of you guys, we can’t wait to make up for lost time and create the best edition of Music On Festival yet!

Music On Festival
Weekend of 8 & 9 May 2021
Havenpark, Amsterdam

This is the line-up for Music On Festival 2021 Weekend.

▪︎ Apollonia
▪︎ Archie Hamilton
▪︎ Jean Pierre b2b Jesse Calosso
▪︎ Lauren Lane
▪︎ Leon
▪︎ Loco Dice
▪︎ Marco Carola
▪︎ Paco Osuna
▪︎ Stacey Pullen
▪︎ tINI

▪︎ Ben Sterling
▪︎ Benny Rodrigues
▪︎ Danny Tenaglia
▪︎ Hector Couto
▪︎ Jamie Jones
▪︎ Marco Carola
▪︎ Marco Faraone
▪︎ Richy Ahmed
▪︎ Solardo
▪︎ wAFF

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  1. I love that moving forward the likelihood that there will be ppl on stage will be next to none … that boiler room vibe never did anything for me and is stupid when the “special ppl “ that are up there aren’t there to dance their asses off .. they are there to be seen . Every time they focus on the VIP crowd they are looking bored AF. And when we are allowed to go back and party I can’t wait to give the ppl “too cool to dance “ shit for not having had their fill of being boring during lockdown .

  2. 0:01 Detlef feat Dajae : Deep Dip
    3:35 The rest of nothing : original mix
    5:00 Harvey Valencia: Disco Biscuit
    8:30 Back to the Future : max chapman
    12:49 Tuff London : got that
    16:15 Zakuturu : Harvy Valencia
    21:00 Dance Planet : Leftwing Kody remix
    23:30 Mama Mia : Shunji Moriwaki
    32:30 Benasty : Miguel Bastida
    34:00 $lammer : loco dice Orig mix
    40:00 The Shuffle : Vocal Mix
    Jean pierre
    43:00 Red Eye : Guti
    46:00 Atcipitro : original mix
    Steve Rachmad
    52:30 Kevin saunderson feat inner city : Future
    55:15 Playing In Space : David Berrie
    1:01:00 la habenera : Dim Zach
    Life in yellow ( I think it's just a sample been played over some other track)
    1:06:00 Mendo : I got him 2009 mix
    1:09:30 Freak mother : Proper Villains
    1:25:00 Club sandwiches : Marc Romboys mix
    1:33:00 floorplan : baby baby

    I have tried my best to list the songs in the lockdown ! But look in the comments for another guy also called Andrew who as listed the rest big thanks to him as I did not know them !

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