Sione Havea Mone Jnr | CZARDAS | Royal Sesquicentennial Music Festival

Sione Havea Mone Jnr Violin Solo – CZARDAS by V Monti at the Royal Sesquicentennial Music Festival. Moulton Chapel, Tupou College, Toloa, Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. 24 June, 2016.


  1. That is amazing how a grandson follows exactly the footsteps of his grandpa. Grandfather, Sione Havea Mone was one of the best musicians at Tupou College in 1960s. In fact, he received the award of the best musician of the year. Furthermore, Sione, Sr., is capable pf playing many musical instruments. 'Obviously, Sione Jr. will become an outstanding professional violinist in years to come. May God bless you Sione.

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