Shambhala Music Festival – Official 2016 Aftermovie

Come relive the pure magic of the 19th Annual Shambhala Music Festival through the loving, sharing and dancing captured in our Official 2016 Aftermovie. This might have been the most spectacular Shambhala to date. And while the sun shone bright, and the river ran clear, and each of our six stages showcased one of the most eclectic and talented collections of artists ever assembled, it was you, the beautiful people on the dance floor who made Shambhala 2016 so special.

Please stay tuned to our channels as we bring you a host of new content over the coming weeks. Our freshly launched Shambhala Films will be releasing five full set edits from various stages, a behind the scenes mini documentary called, “Set the Stage” and a series of interviews called “Shambhalovelies.”

But perhaps more importantly, make sure you are with us next year as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Go to today and purchase yours – we don’t expect them to last long. Tickets are on sale now.

Official 2016 Aftermovie Credits
Executive Producers: Jimmy Bundschuh & Mitchell Scott
Director: Mitchell Scott
Coordinating Producer: Zac Ramras/Sweetgrass Productions
Director of Photography: Michael Brown/Sweetgrass Productions
Multicam Producer: Jeremy Grant
Editor: Leo Zuckerman

Camera Operators:
Leo Zuckerman
Jason Mannings
Anthony Bonello
Mike Parenteau
Dallas Sauer
Phil Collins
Nic Teichrob
Nick Waggoner
Mike Brown

Cable Camera Operators:
Zac Ramras
Kyle Metzger

Audio Field Recordist:
Matt Maddaloni

Drone Operator:
Donovan Ackerman

Assistant Editors:
Eliel Hindert
Kuba Wiatrak

Production Assistants:
Jasmin Caton
Nic Godri
Sarah Miles

Music (In order of appearance)



  1. it's cool how they sold out ALL of the 2017 tickets like 2 weeks after last year's event when the attendees were still recouping money from spending it all at the festival. Now scalpers are selling them for 4x as much as originally priced with no intention of going… so cool.. they shouldve heldback a block of tickets to release in spring to keep the scalping market in check and so the people who really want to go but couldn't afford tickets right after getting home from 2016 actually had a chance to get one.. Now you're gonna get a slew of volunteers who pay the $400 ticket price and then fuck off once they are there to enjoy the festival because now it's the only way to get in.

  2. A bunch of new age hipsters and ketamine snorting club heads masquerading as ravers by dressing up in fuzzy animal costumes for a weekend so they can post their ego boosting pictures on their fb page showing everyone how "wild" and "adventurous" they are.

    Real raves are not 19+. This is what is referred to in the scene as a "massive", akin to your typical pacific Colosseum event like tiesto or paul van dyke. They have sponsors like pepsi and Heineken.

    Real raves are all ages because it is the youth who brings the energy, vitality, and curiosity and PLUR to a party which creates the magic that is sometimes referred to as the "vibe". Shambhala used to be a real rave, when the farmily had a couple hundred people for the fist few ones, but now its just one big nightclub in the forest. Such a shame…

  3. Some day I will return, but for now, my time and energy is focused on not being a fool, Subject or Class of Person. And I have three people whom I have a duty to take care of above all else.

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