Push the boundaries of what it means to have a festival experience, and dive deep into the journey that is Shambhala. Each year our Farmily feels the call, an urge to return home to who they truly are, from all across the globe. They travel from far and wide, deep into the British Columbia interior, to breathe new life into the Salmo River Ranch and transform the farm into a place of art, self-expression and love.

What are you waiting for? Answer the call of Shambhala – uncage your soul, open your mind, and find yourself at HOME. Tickets for the 23rd Annual Shambhala Music Festival are on sale NOW at


Dreams – Zhu – Nero
The Asecent – Charlesthefirst
Music From My Soul – Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt, Homero Espinosa
Reflection – LSDream, Champagne Drip
Eternal Now – LSDream, Champagne Drip
Second Sun, Bonobo
Satisfied – Catching Flies

© Shambhala Films, 2019


  1. I went to my first rave, Area 406 Festival in Kalispell, Montana, and LOTS of people were talking about Shambhala. This event has been added to my list of events to attend before I die.

  2. Trying to make a drugged up festival a religion, the biggest trickster is the beast himself…Jimmy is all about the money, this is a cooperation

  3. I totally understand the videography techniques and thinking out of the box, but a me as a participant in this field, I found it this video was not at all justifying what it was in this place in pouring rain!
    I see soooooo much image that got lost !
    Shame on you, to do not let other creative people to have a share of it!
    Burningman is not Shambala fox

  4. I HATE TECHNO, TRANCE, Electronic BULLSHT, horrible for this type of festival. Please tell me that this noise isn’t part of the festival. Good God!!! Fuck this Bullshit

  5. The point is not of the video itself but of the message behind the imagery and sound and the energy it brings from those who experience Shambhala

  6. Great video but I've been 3 times and their is not enough variety of styles of music IMO . Every Stage seems to play the same stuff.

  7. The reference to burning man was interesting, sham needs to buy more land to make the festival bigger maybe like the desert party burning man? Everyone I know who's gone to sham thinks it's perfect the way it is lol, Iv'e never been, but sham is legendary here in BC, I get an earful on how sham is something like heaven all the time, doesn't seem like it needs to change lol

  8. Very much dislike the non shambhala related content . Wheres all the footage of the ACTUAL show . I dont wanna see random people dancing around , and just hanging around dramatically. Show me shambhala !!

  9. Eye still have to say this is one of the bestever animations dreams put together. Astounding and Surreal. Totally Captured the Magnificence of Magic. I Love Shambhala, this was off the charts on video footage and editing. Phenomenal symbology. Timing and Music 432.
    Legendary Video Made Here.

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