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  1. Super excited to see them performing in another country. Starting point for them to have a big break internationally. Super proud A'tin. 🥰

  2. So excited for the boys.. nakakaiyak naman na nakikilala na talaga sila.. hoping to see them next year 💕💙💕💙💕

  3. Sana kantahin nila yung tilaluha at saka isang korean song para tatatak sa isip ng mga koreans na manunuod.

  4. Go Go Go SB19, so proud of boys and now it's your turn to make our country proud. MAHALIMA 💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️

  5. For those questioning why SB19 has no scheduled concert outside the country yet..please take note. A video of ShowBt's CEO was released I think middle of this year that the management would like to bring the group to LA. But that was the time when there was a new surge of covid and strict protocols were imposed by the Bureau of Immigration. Added to that the boys have to undergo quarantine upon arrival, likewise when they come back here..meaning the group will remain stagnant for about a month instead of doing other projects. I'm glad that our Ppop Kings are under the management who is not after competition and money but who cares for the safety of our Mahalima. They wouldn't like to take the risk at that time. Their international performance will come in God's perfect time. I hope this sets the record straight. An avid fantita here.

  6. This is Woah!!!… Hindi ako A'tin pero SB19 ang nakitaan ko ng the moves ng BTS at noon mga teens pa sila nagmeet na sila.SB19 can be more than a popstar too.. kahit di ako A'tin, na obserbahan kuna sila through net25 at Pinas fm. paLagi kong nasasabi na Sana magmeet ulit ang SB19 at BTS… Ang dalawang Asian Pop boy group na nagpapasaya worldwide

  7. yes… SB19 will surely be world wide… I'm proud of then despite their hardships in life they made it this far…. I'm sure am gonna keep supporting them. tangkilingin ang sariling A'tin.

  8. Sa mga fans nang bgyo na naglalait dito sa sb19 na d pa daw naka pag international mahina company nang showbt kailangan ba talaga ganyan pumunta pa kayo dito para mag comment e compare nyo dahil ang bgyo naka dubai na compare sa sb19 last 2019 po ilang months pa din ang sb19 napag korea na sila nag concert sila din doon with psy hindi lang bgyo una ppop nag concert international mas na una sa sb19 kaya wag kayo kuda nang kuda dyan dahil may network kayo nakapunta lang yan bgyo nyo sa dubai dahil sa network nyo at may kasama sila malalaking artist din bakit kung sila lang ba hindi kasama si bamboo at ez mill may makakakilala sa kanila d ba wala subra na kayo minaliit nyo palagi sb19 dahil d pa naka pag international at binura pa talaga comment mo dito mahiya ka naman nag kalat mga bgyo fans dito hay subra na kayo ang hambog nyo hintayin nyo mag 2022 pupunta yan nng international sb19 dahil may network lang kayo back up ginastusan para lang mag mukhang sikat ang bgyo nyo ez mill at bamboo lang naman kilala sa dubai sinabihan nyo pa d pang international pag mumukha nang sb19 nakakasuka kayo fans nang bgyo delet po comment po naka screen ka na lahat nng yt post nang sb19 nag kalat kayo para ipamukha dubai nyo sa bgyo kayo fans nag bgyo kahit ano hila nyo pababa sa sb19 hindi kayo mag tatagumpay dahil may A'TIN ang sb19 worldwide kahit wala back up network kaya nang A'TIN ipa international ang sb19 mag concert mismo kami mga A'TIN mag dadala sa kanila sa international tour yan ang kaibahan nang bgyo at sb19 network vs A'TIN fandom

  9. I wonder if they will be physically in Korea or if they will be performing in the Philippines. In any case, it’s still great exposure for the boys in Korea.

  10. Wow congrats in advance sb19!Filipino knows that you bring such a big honor to our country.just let the world see the best of you guys.🥰

  11. Sana tuloy tuloy na blessings sa ating MAHALIMA. Congrats SB19. A'tin will support you all the time.Godbless.💙💙💙💙💙🇵🇭🌏

  12. OMG!!! So proud of SB19. Talagang tinutupad nila ang pagiging Music Ambassadors ng Pilipinas. This event is a huge opportunity na makilala di lang culture natin, pati PPOP at ang SB19. Thank you, Lord. Please always keep them safe.🙏😊💙💙💙💙💙

  13. Mabuti n kasi ung iba nakakalabas bansa na sa Dubai, sa USA, bakit sila di pa . We are all waiting … may bagong variant virus the ocrion na kung papahuli sila naku malamang online/ virtual nanaman mang yayri. Stop raising too much concert in pinas its time to held exposure in international stage. Ung mga pinoy Community outreach magnda un lalot Christmas. They should grab that opportunity while venues in some countries are open for public viewing..

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