1. Legend says he's still dancing indoors by himself, in these difficult times,
    gathering energy for that one future day, where he will unite us all once again.

  2. This legend's name is Colin Wynter. He did a bit of mushrooms and alcohol and really wasn't aiming to start some legendary swarm. I read an interview where he states that all he did was to be free and hopes that people learn to enjoy without caring what others think 🙂

  3. Simillar thing happend to me at a party once. Was the only one on the dance floor dancing like a madman until at one point ppl started to join in. It was fucking amazing and not even intended

  4. Nobody wants to be left out at the end, that they're actually running. No matter what kind of genre is playing the fact that people get up and dance is always the biggest support and compliment to the band 💃🏻 who's literally there in front of others just to entertain

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