Radek Baborák and Sarah Willis at the Pacific Music Festival 2019

Radek Baborák and Sarah Willis play the Haydn (Rosetti) concerto for two horns with the PMF Festival Orchestra at the Opening Concert of the Pacific Music Festival 2019 at the Art Park in Sapporo, Japan. Thanks to PMF for this video.
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  1. 👏👍 Outstanding performance! I don't play the French horn; but depending on the embouchure that I use and genre of music that I play, I can make a pretty good facsimile of the French horn's intonation by playing either my flugelhorn or my alto saxophone. 😉 🎺 🎷 🎶🎵

  2. excelentes cornistas, de lo mejor del mundo hoy. Pero que pésimo camarografo que mientras los solistas estan interpretando anda por otro lado tomando la orquesta cuando deberia estar tomando a Sara con esos bajos o Radek con los altos. Un camarografo tan malo echa a perder una obra

    excellent concert artists, the best in the world today. But what a terrible cameraman that while the soloists are performing he is on the other hand taking the orchestra when he should be taking Sara with those basses or Radek with the highs. Such a bad cameraman spoils a work

  3. I have really enjoyed your informative and entertaining uploads on the French Horn and Wagner Tubas. Loved that video on the quartet of Wagner Tubas and Bass Tuba from Bruckner's Eighth. I saw Karajan conduct Bruckner's Eighth in London circa 1977/8. It was a staggering performance of monumental proportions. I have never ever seen so many brass instruments in an orchestra before and I still recall the players taking their place on the stage – when is it going to end! – two rows of them for almost entire width of the stage, not to mention two timpanists to boot!

    Do you recall a horn player called Alan Civil? Principal horn from the Philharmonia I believe and he featured on the Beatles 'Revolver' album on Paul McCartney's 'For No One' 1966. I recently acquired Karajan's 1966 DG recording of Bach's Brandenburgs on vinyl and on the back of the sleeve it noted the various soloists which included a certain 'Alain Cicil'? Any thoughts?

  4. Bravi…what a fabulous performance.  Such a treat.  I will share with our other great hornists out there!!  Great job Orchestra!!  Great feeling of the style, great musicianship!!  A real treat for us all!

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