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  2. Freddy can never be replaced. He was a legend. But, Adam my friend, you carry on the spirit and soul of this music with talent and raw passion. It shows when you guys perform together. The music comes alive and makes people move. I love that you are part of Queen and helping new generations of people fall in love with this music and for keeping the older generations that grew up on this music rockin. I for one, love the new Queen as much as the original. You help keep it close to the original while being you. I appreciate that.

  3. Nope..Queen will never be reborn..there is only one Queen, and only ONE Queen front man and lead singer! Don't get me wrong Adam Lambert has a great voice for church, but I do not like the yelling of his voice. Bohemian Rhapsody is a very hard song to sing and many who tried to sing it said it was a very hard song to sing. Clearly Adam Lambert sounds like shit singing it too. I've heard better individuals sing Queen songs but Adam Lambert is not it. Pretty sure that's why Brian May stopped writing/playing with Lambert, but he did say he got to the point where he was not interested anymore writing songs with Adam Lambert. If you want to listen to Queen music, just press play baby and you can listen to Queen and see FM also! That was a huge part of the concerts, was Freddie Mercury and watching him do his thing! He captivated the people by his presence alone, and then that amazing voice..

  4. Have told my kids that if I get this Covid thing and am in the hospital dying that I want to die listening to Adam Lambert and Steven Tyler in Aerosmith! In fact this is so incredible I will get if off the phone and save for a rainy day! Am just delighted that Adam is in this band with the old pros who toured with Freddy Mercury! They could not have found a better replacement! Thanks, Adam, for continuing to be incredible!

  5. Adam ma silny i mocny głos. Świetnie sobie radzi ze skalą i rozpiętością głosu, w jakiej poruszał się Freddie. Głos jakże inny, i jakże ciekawy ♥♥♥ BRAWO ADAM♥♥♥

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