Party People Trapped at a Music Festival Because of Coronavirus

The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama was placed under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 15th. There are still 40 people trapped on-site, in a jungle by a beach that’s no longer paradise.

On April 21st the flight ban in the country was extended to May 22nd, meaning the festival-goers will be stranded for at least another month. This is now the last festival on earth.

Will it be Lord of the Flies, Fyre Festival, or The Beach? Here’s what happens when a tropical music festival goes on lockdown.
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  1. Love how it my khoi rasta who really isn't bothered in any way. Our government doesn't come fetch us from parties we just sort ourselves out like adults

  2. Nightmare.
    Shouting at foreign Police & Army is prob quite dumb.
    Covid19 has simply confused everyone, like headless Chickens.

  3. Have any of them died? It's months later there must be stats? Aren't these control studies which should show us something? I am as afraid of covid as I am of rising seas and climate change….lol! So sorry the rich kids had to stick it out. Over six months here in USA and we're still on lock down in many places. My County just got put on a watch list for one death on April 01st and 388 cases over six months. Fascinating thing is they have no stats on those recovered. Almost like they don't want to know.

  4. They take their money 💰 to clean up their disgusting environment. Then have savage Police Yelling at them. Why would Anyone on this planet go there for ANY reason. And all lives matter!! People from all around the world paid money not just for airfare! They are racist!!! All colors matter. Not to them🙏🌍

  5. So……this is mad crazy so like is ppl still there? Realizing the way the tribe leader was speaking to them we might wanna rethink giving certain places our money and press if they just wanna use us for travel revenue. Also if anyone is still there is there a follow up on who it is can we contact their families for them something

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