Nicky Romero – Ultra Music Festival 2015

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Nicky Romero – Ultra Music Festival 2015
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Nicky Romero vs. Volt & State – Warriors ➜

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  1. with your ginormous platform nicky, can you ask your fans to stop wearing those fake headdresses at your shows? it's so fuckin racist and dehumanizing to the Indigneous Nations and Lands you perform on. that couple at 52:44 ffs.

  2. banderas de todo el mundo que une a todos los continentes dios mio que pase pronto esta pandemia .

  3. Ultra 2015
    Tomorrowland 2014
    Tomorrowland 2016
    The best sets that Nicky Romero has ever played 🔥😎❤

  4. فرحانين ومبسوطين لمخرج 14 طالعته الله لايعوق بشر بالطيب ولا ماتشوفين الدرب 😍😍🎼👍⁦🇸🇦⁩

  5. الحفله ذي لاتفاق المخرج 😂😂مايشتغل هالدي جي الا طالعه مخرج 14 وهي ماتشوف الدرب 😍😍👍⁦🇸🇦⁩

  6. Dear Nicky this set ist unbel…… for me the best Set you ever has played <3 love your music and keep save.

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