NEPAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 | Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band

NEPAL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016. November 19, Saturday. Bhrikutimandap Ground Park, Kathmandu.

About NMF
Since 2012, Nepal Music Festival is Nepal’s biggest yearly volunteer run and non-profit music & culture festival. The festival is growing each year and is becoming one of the major learning platform for youth & volunteers with the approach of “learning by doing” experience in the field of Music, Culture, Events, Festivals, Event Management and Entrepreneurship.

NMF promotes Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Experience Economy and Youth Leadership.

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  1. I was in the first row in this concert and I can see myself on the video lol.
    Was an amazing experience seeing Bipul live, truly magnificent ❤️.

  2. I have a friend who has mental disorder, he sing song like this .. when I heard bipul song I remind him 😂

  3. नेपाली म्युजिसियन हरु ले आफ्नो ्माईक ग़ितार को सेट पहिले नै तयार गर्नु पर्छ नि स्टेज मा आये पछि तयार गर्छन

  4. Bipul dai j hos dami cha Nepal dai haru kina negative comment yr i even aint from darjeeling but ramro rarmo chis lai ramrai vannu parxa ani bipul dai ramro cha love from the Scotland of th east SHILLONG

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