1. We nagas are no use ..
    We people we dont cheerup our own land..
    It's dj night.
    We should have dance n shout happily and enjoy the moment.
    But evryone was busy sitting n watching the show silently.

  2. Y no cheers from the crowd…. 🤦🤦🤦…. All the performers are super but the crowds are so boring. Best performance in Nagaland i should say. Dj superb ❤️❤️Credits goes to @Alobo Naga 👍

  3. In Next Season DJ Night, there shouldn't be any seats available near, sell some dancing lights or glowing sticks to make it warmer, and some large/small peg's will do to get the crowd moving.. 🤘

  4. DJ Rhon…. I know… I feel you…. 😂 Come up to Mokokchung and you won't feel bored anymore….
    Also I feel pity for all the Performers…. What a hostile crowd…..

  5. This musika festival turning out to be a Sunday school scenario real bad , the artist like teachers have to keep on repeatedly requesting the crowd to come to the front , sing and dance and move wth !!!!

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