Music festivals: a high-risk business | FT Film

Festivals were already a precarious business, but after a record year in 2019 the coronavirus pandemic brought outdoor events to a halt. The FT talks to organisers, bands, and stage hands to find out whether they can bounce back.

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  1. There shouldn't be any festivals out in the nature because of the enormous amount of pigs (festival going trashy people) trashing the place and most of the times a large amount of the non degradable rubbish fly away and also the ground gets poisoned …

  2. Hello guys, I’m watching this because I am from mexico and in my local region there is no such thing as music festivals. Sometimes we get artist coming to local fair events but no live music festivals. I feel people will appreciate something like this since I know people enjoy this type of events but have to travel really far in order to go to one (which involves extra costs for them). I have a team whom I plan to start one. No big thing you know. Just something small like a “party” and see where it all goes from there. I am not afraid to lose my money. I believe and have faith in this in the hope that it can strive for years. Any tips from any organizers?

  3. 4:20 this is what you wanna hear from someone, that's exactly how the prison system has to work. Understand the mistakes we humans make and become better people. We all make mistakes but the point is to learn from them

  4. I don't know for sure but I have the sense that I grew up in a hayday of festival at least in the musician niche that I'm most interested in, Christian rock. There was no other way to figure out about the music. We have a great local radio station for Christian music but outside of the Friday Night Rock Jam at the time, you found out about new bands from shows, your friends, and record labels. It's a little different now. YouTube can find bands that you like for you.

    PS. Dadi (don't know how to type it) is awesome. He rocked Eurovision the other year.

  5. Absolutely crazy, the last place I would ever go to these days is a freaking superspreading concert festival. Sounds like a great way to commit suicide. 😒 😳 💩 👎 👎

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