Miley Cyrus – Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival) (Audio)

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  1. to be COMPLETELY honest romantically i really LOVE miley cyrus because of her REALLY attractive face and vegetarian diet and i really LOVE her as a musician

  2. While I kind of like some of her songs, I think Miley's version of Heart of Glass isn't even close to as good as the original Blondie version. Miley sounds more angry than sexy to me. The original Heart of Glass was disco, and I think it works better as a disco song. I am a big Blondie fan.

  3. My goodness this version is so much better than the original. There's power and intention behind this version.

  4. Honestly I wasn't a fan but one day my friend tells me Miley can really sing. I decided to check her out. I'm listening and loving a bunch of her songs now.

  5. Is no one going to mention that this is another song? Shes just copying it? Or doing a “cover” so to speak…

  6. My God, what a horrible voice, singing or talking. Sounds like she has emphysema. What kind of drugs are her fans on to think she sounds good?

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