Martin Garrix LIVE @ Sziget Festival (2015)

‘So Far Away’ out now on Spotify and Apple Music:

Martin Garrix closing out the iconic Sziget Festival! Recorded live at Sziget Festival Budapest 2015.

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  1. History is important: together with Ultra 2014/2015 Sziget 2015 is in my opinion
    a landmark in Martin's development as performing and maybe also producing professional.
    I am enjoyed that he still develops hisstyle, see and listen Ultra 2022.
    Istvan- Amsterdam South

  2. Hola quisiera trabajar contigo martin garrix tengo trabajos e ideas que me gustaria presentar mi especialidad es la composicion vengo estudiando musica desde los 5 años tambien canto y bailo y actuo espero leas este se te quiere de los que me inspiro y revoluciono la musica electronica🙏🙏🙏

  3. What times!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    It's still sensational like the first time I heard you.

    One of the best festivals in Sziget 2015. TERRIFICAL

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