Luxury music festival turns to chaos

Inaugural Fyre Festival in the Bahamas postponed after attendees reported dilapidated accommodations, and top-billed performers pulled out
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  1. They really tried to pin this on Jarule 😂😂 like wtf? Did they even mention the mcfartland dude? Smh somehow its always the black dudes fault 🙄😏

  2. Cough Cough Most tickets were actually under 1000 dollars, which is a bargain considering it’s a two-week long trip to the Bahamas with your food and accommodations including. Cough

  3. All of y'all need to understand that not all of them were rich. Some probably saved up their money to go there and have a good time, but y'all want to generalize that all of them must have been rich Bc they paid that much money to go there or had the money to pay. But oh yes y'all go right ahead with the rich people jokes. Oh what the world has come to be 🤧🤧🤧💁💁💁

  4. The comments are funny, such animosity toward people just because they have money. There's $100 million class action lawsuit, so those people you're laughing at are going to get even richer.

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