Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 – Official Recap Video

Announcing Lost Lands Sept. 14th-16th 2018! Tickets on sale Friday, December 1st at 2PM EST

Watch the Official Lost Lands Music Festival 2017 Recap Video now!

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Filmed by:
Sam Spafford
Matt Henry
James Winterhalter


  1. Every time I rewatch this recap I wanna cry, I miss lost lands 2k17 everything about it was legendary considering it was the first year. Only year I went but hope everyone’s doing well☺️

  2. Best festival I’ve ever been to HANDS DOWN everyone was so chill and respectful of each other and the environment, the vibes were on POINT everyone there was there for excision and their true love for bass music not the hype and because it’s “cool” and another place to just pop drugs at. I have literally no complaints about this festival, Jeff did an amazing job thank you for this experience!

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