Lollapalooza music festival kicks off in the midst of delta wave

NBC’s Shaquille Brewster reports trom Lollapalooza in Chicago, where attendees must present proof of vaccination or proof of a negative Covid test. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. Sir, Please explain to me why only the unvaccinated had to have a recent covid test and wear a mask? Because we're seeing high numbers of vaccinated people who are now infected. So, they also could be carrying the virus, and spreading it.

  2. Mass-Event + Delta SARS Covid. We will see if this has been clever. 35,895,980 totally infected in the US (most in the world) + 629,862 dead in the US seems not to be enough. 200x 9/11 seems obviously not enough. And this close to winter. As predicted this winter will obviously be fatal.

  3. Just because your vaccinated or tested negative doesn't mean you can't catch the virus. Although vaccinated people won't get severely ill, the can still be contagious and spread the virus after they leave the concert. The viral load in that crowd is going to be so concentrated, you can almost guarantee that this will be a super spreader event. But of course who cares right? The covid bug is not going to stop spreading nor mutating and one of these days the vaccines will be ineffective and then it's going to be thousands dying again every day. All thanks to our human nature to the desires of our minds and hearts.

  4. Phew good thing everyone's wearing a mask lol the world is Walle…..duhhhhh stupid
    So when covid doesn't spread because of this event will you guys do a report on that? Highly doubtful

  5. Right wingers getting COVID at higher rates than educated people because the majority of anti-vaxxers have been watching Fox/OAN/NewsMax and believe the lies. Then they turn around and pretend that it is the fault of the more educated that they got COVID, or cry that they are being discriminated against.

    It's crying all day and night with these right-wingers, and they love blaming everyone else for their problems. Wait for the wingers to blame others and demand compensation for their lung, heart, or brain injuries from COVID.

  6. There is no test for Delta variant and there are no safety studies for the jab and no science behind wearing masks. Wake up sheeple. Boycott and resist . This is AMERICA we are fighters and don't take anyone trying to tell us what to do. We have the Constitution and Bill of Rights and freedom of Religion. Veterans sacrificed for all of us, it can't be in vain.

  7. You Be the Judge…this is a huge event…These people that are attending Lalapalooza aren't all Chicagoan's, people from all over the US are there. Tell me how man masks😷 you see!?! Mask mandate, what mask mandate….😷 It also appears the new Variant isn't an issue. The average age for people attending this event is 18 to 40 and this is a blue state and they say the spreaders are in the red states.

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