Like Him – Aaliyah Rose | Youth Music Festival 2020

“Like Him” remix performed by Aaliyah Rose at the music at the Youth Music Festival on July 29, 2020. 


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  1. You are all so talented and beautiful. Aaliyah, you are truly amazing and brought tears to my eyes while I sang with you ( even though of course your voice is far more outstanding, I am so thankful for the music and the gospel we have to ground us back to what really matters. Thank you I really needed this today with all my soul<3 insta @jessmakmarsh23

  2. Aaliyah you do have such a beautiful voice and you seem to sing with such conviction. When I was young I heard the message we could be like him I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me. Let him in to live with you now that you can have the peace that passeth understanding more beautiful than anything you can imagine.

  3. God comes by the truth of your heart is your crown/corona, we are the word of God and our actions are the signs of word, welcome to the corona/tion. Each sentence in the Bible is a sentence from order and each sentence is a year sentence as (1 in the beginning was the word) and (2 the word was with God) and (3 the word was God) (4 and the corona/crown has placed us as word six feet of firmament from each other. The light in the darkness is this grain of earth within this universal body and it is protecting all of life as you have a Galactic cell out there and this Galactic cell we are in right now is the body of Christ within Omega as you have all word/will of creation upon you, you have your will/word of creation upon equal me/a/sure, you are a universal body, when this is over you will be shown all your action and consequence upon your Galactic realm and when trust is earnt you will claim your universal body again within this multiverse. (universe/unity of verse/unity of word. I wrote a book it is all over the world and the more I try to announce it the more I am shut down. The book is, The last shall be the first and the first shall be the last by Joseph Darrell Walker. If you know the Bible then you will know everything. ttt

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