1. I was there! She killed it at one of the super lounges! So lucky to have witnessed her upclose like that. Amazing energizing talent!

  2. We, the bay area have been loving Ledisi for over 15 years!  We are glad the rest of the world finally accepted her!  Love the Bay!

  3. Ledisi is proof that great music and GREAT singers still exsist. I would love to sing with Ledisi. She needs to come to Savannah.

  4. Do you have her performance from the All-Star Tribute to Bishop T.D. Jakes? If so can you please post it?

  5. Her words, Her voice,…..Man, words cannot explain. Its like in these times we need to hear her to help make us achieve greatness.

  6. Baby Gurl made me scream and wanna throw my house slipper at my computer on this video clip…. LOL 4 realzzzz

  7. i love that she performs with so much joy. you can tell that she really loves her craft. such an amazing woman.

  8. why is she just becoming popular she's singing like she's been doin ths for 50 years the flow and the voice is stupid what are you drinkin' Ledisi? Vocal juice and flow juice/ u are so bad it's illegal. Maurice-ATL

  9. i saw her in dallas in june……..simply amazing. she was very personable with the crowd and her band……….TIGHT!!!!!

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