1. @LOKISlog7 – about tommy and eric wearing Peters and Ace's makeup…. Gene and Paul both have that makeup copywrited to THEM, NOT PETER AND ACE…. and yeah as shitty as it is not having Peter and Ace not playing for KISS ,Tommy and Eric still rock They deserve to be apart of the gig too, your just luck tommy and eric liked peter and ace enough not to change the way peter and ace played their music.

  2. 3- I was talking about the choerography. Usually its just the 3 guitar players that we see doing it. You can clearly see at 3:13-3:18 that he is also doing it; or in my original msg "in on it"

  3. @DEKIKK 1- I dont bitch about KISS; Ive been a memeber of the KISS ARMY since I was a kid; and have seen them numerous times. Best Show I saw was 1996 Reunion at Tiger Stadium-front row
    2- I stand by the comment that TO ME- Its a disgrace that Tommy and Eric are wearing ACE and PETERS outfits. They can be part of KISS; just get them their own characters like Vincent and Carr did.

  4. No we have Gene here in Toronto,Canada for his 3 shows at the casino in a few days…he was here to attend the Honda-Indy Toronto race…he was the race marshal…best to all you kiss-idiots….

  5. Last official word was KISS is going to record another CD this year with Paul producing. I know your post is a couple of months old, so you may have heard that, but just in case…
    I can't wait!

  6. great FAT bass line…listening to it live will prove Kiss still retains it's bass heaviness and raw power…anyone agree? T2TD is right, this is song is for bass as well as other great songs war machine!

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