1. My beautiful Avatar JACKSON WANG HERE!, His show was wonderful! Too bad I'm sick and I couldn't go with my brother and friends to see him at Coachella! But everyone tells me how he was always the King!👀🙇🏼‍♀️🤴🏻🥰🎤🔥🔥🔥🌎💞👈🤚

  2. I saw my man's face and I came running 🏃🏃🏃 JACKSON WANG, I've always said it!, he has a Latin Soul and a black heart!, he dares to explore different colors of music and has the same taste in music and creativity of the blacks!, it is also a favorite of God!, please!, if it looks like a beautiful porcelain doll!, everyone died with it!, if it did great with its dancers!, here from Russia from a fangirl who was Coachella ready!, shouting my King!, I love you!, make me a son! And everything else! LOL😋

  3. I am a simple 19-year-old Italian fangirl who loves JACKSON how! He is the only man of my dreams but I wake up and see the reality that I am a simple mortal! I looked like a "Living Sculpture" at the Coachella festival, I was left without seeing so much screaming! Here I am my love! Marry me and I'll support you but there were thousands offering the same thing! but happy because I could see it and everyone was crazy about it! What a voice, what a visual, what a beauty! It's a legend my love! 😘

  4. I Only here for JACKSON WANG but I found GOLD with this video!, Thanks for sharing great vídeo!, My bro is a Genius and Legend!,here Fanboy from England! And in COACHELLA!(◠‿◕)

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