IZ ONE – Panorama [2020 MBC Music Festival]

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💌About 2020 MBC Music Festival

2020 MBC Music Festival wraps up the last moments of 2020 with the top K-pop stars who are loaded with refreshing and ingenious special stages. Look forward to the unrivaled dance duos and legends, and a girl-crush stage. Don’t miss the last night of 2020 which will also become the best moment of 2020!

GENRE: K-pop
SUBTITLE: English, Portuguese
YEAR: 2020
MAIN CAST: Jang Sung Kyu, Lim Yoon A, Kim Seon Ho

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  1. I know that sometimes you can be unsure of your vocals but for people like hyewon or sakura you can at least try to sing a bit (moreover their parts are the most easy to sing!)
    furthermore people like yujin does have hard and hight pitch moments but at least yujin tries to attend the notes !
    this no hate for the members but just a questioning ! My questions is why you can at least try such as nako, Hitomi, yujin, minju(sometimes)! chaeyon and chaewon !
    Yuri is the actual main vocalist she is of course super talented but why just try to sing just a bit !
    p.o.v they all look amazing in this performance !!!

  2. Everyone’s talking about the members spotlight but in every comeback they had that spotlight from la vie en rose to panorama like eunbi, yena and yuri i hope some members will get a lot spotlight too, like chaeyeon is our main dancer but she always got the least lines and spotlight she only shines on la vien rose and oineric era. Im not complaining but hope the others can have atleast the spotlight they deserve

  3. Pasando por aquí por que las extraño 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. 3:51でカンちゃんが移動の時ウォニョンにぶつかっちゃってる!😹驚いた顔もかわいいねウォニョン…☺️💘

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