Italian Reacts To Hua Chenyu – Ashes From Fireworks / Zebra Music Festival華晨宇熱波音樂節

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Italian Reacts To Hua Chenyu – Ashes From Fireworks / Zebra Music Festival華晨宇熱波音樂節

link to the original video :

Hi, i’m Mauro and i love doing reaction videos covering lots of different topics about many countries in the world like Cambodia, Russia,the US, Australia, China and many more!
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  1. Thank you, Mauro for this reaction. I love this beautiful melancholic song…"I am just me,
    I am only me, Just the falling ashes from an outburst of fireworks". Hua Hua's performance and vocals really expressed the emotions of this song (a little sadness, alone, wondering).💗 Thanks Dahlia for suggesting the song!😋 Shared with Hua Chenyu Foreign Martians Group.

  2. Thank you Mauro😊 Hua changes his style everytime. He's recording the latest Ace vs Ace these days. Looking forward to see your reaction to him 🤠

  3. Nice song & nice reaction! Hua Hua is so amazing! 🌺🌺🎤🎶🎵🎼👍👍👍👏👏👏💖❤️😍🤗

  4. Please please please give a reaction "People's Palate" with english sub. The show is about 55 mins time i guess. HCYES upload and translated the video. I hope you have time to check it and react to this video. Thank you. 🌹🌹😍😍😍 here's the link below.

    " People's Palate"

  5. hello mauro thank you for another reaction. My top 2 favorite song of Hua. Ashes from fireworks 😍😍😍

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