Intents Festival 2022 – Endshow Saturday (4K)

Relive and enjoy the end show at Intents Festival Saturday.
Have you already pre-registered for 2023?

See you next year!

Da Tweekaz & Warface – Intents HighScore | Official Anthem Intens Festival 2022

Frequencerz & Villain – Power of the Wolfpack
Harris & Ford x Sound Rush – In Your Arms (Walked Away) / unreleased
Delete & Deetox – Alone
Evil Activities – Nobody said it as easy (Sefa remix)


  1. Esta muy padre este show pero siento que esta mejor el de Deffqon 1, al menos en fuegos artificiales y esencia me gusta más el de Defqon 1 aunque este año este estuvo bueno.

  2. Who turned out the lights……. what ? Listen to me… I got something to say… and it goes a little like this….. this beat is . . This beat is … this beat is . . . TECHNO 2022 TRONIC .. all for you . . And you and you and you. Months in the making, this party created bought to life for my dancers this dance floor party high time carpet ride time… H A R D… hard hard

  3. I hate it so much to see so much Donkeys just putting out their god damn Phones "to catch this Moment…" BULLSHIT ! These Moments will never come back to you so why u just cant enjoy them when they happen ? Thats the Reason why im not going anymore to such Festivals except Ozora Festival because the Ppl there actually ENJOY THE MOMENT ! Its a whole other Experience than with this "Perma-Mobile Ghouls" …..

    But anyways great Festival i realy just wish Ppl could enjoy it more instead of take it "just as a Happening" 🤷‍♀

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