Inside a Neo Nazi Music Festival | Decade of Hate

Music festivals, like most cultural events, were badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, impacting both the smallest of DIY festivals to behemoths like Glastonbury. And this was no different for the neo-Nazi music scene.

Rechtsrock is a German term for music that acts as a vehicle for far-right ideology.

A key part of this scene are music festivals that act as key networking hubs for neo-Nazi groups across Europe. Festivals in Ukraine, Italy and Greece feature bands from across the Continent, and there’s a strong scene in Germany, which is home to some of the largest neo-Nazi music festivals in recent years.

One of those festivals, held in the German state of Thuringia, drew in an estimated 5,000 neo-Nazis. It was organised by the Turonen, a violent neo-Nazi gang who were recently targetted in a raid by police where large amounts of cash, weapons and crystal meth were found. These festivals can make organisers hundreds of thousands of euros, which are then pumped back into the neo-Nazi underground scene.

From Athens to Milan to Kiev and beyond, far-right music is a vital cultural weapon for right-wing extremists. And as the far-right music scene looks to make its return after a covid-induced hiatus – all eyes are on the authorities to find ways of dealing with this dark and twisted subculture.

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  1. Where's all these fools when their country got invaded by Russia ??? Oh I know, they were escaping to their neighbors countries and leaving the Jews to fight for their country.

  2. Iironic how racist rapers bite the hand that fed them. Sometimes the best way to deal with something so extreme is to go to war but that pathetic crowd is too petty. It is convenient that so many people who are polluting the human gene pool are in a tight place where they can be under someone's thumb. Indoor fireworks wouldn't be a bad idea.

  3. I don't see the problem. They are just creating a safe space for ethnic white European people. If you are a different race don't be jealous you weren't invited.

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