Imagine Dragons "Believer" Madness Music Festival 2018

LIVE Performance at Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, Madness Festival March 31, 2018, Imagine Dragons Believer

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  1. I thought their live performance could be bad. After listening this I understand why they are the best. This live performance is incredible!

  2. What The Fuck…!
    How Did I Forget This Song…!
    After A Long Time Still This Hits Hard Than Cocaine Shot Man….!
    Damn Its Absolute MindBlowing Man…

  3. Dan is so cool that just standing and talking to a guitar in the background makes him look like a god

  4. We live such a short period of time. together we exist this may be the only time we see each other stranger and interact with each other face to face
    many of you never see each other again prior to each other the world enough
    This is a strange concert for me but there's beauty in it
    We are gonna get on stage every night and see each other with so much diversity
    People who live at door of the world that separate us politics religion race gender
    All the things should not separate us
    So I see everyday that the world is united and colourful and beautiful and diverse
    Thank you for being here
    Thank you giving us this opportunity

  5. Also everyone watch out for the video of father and daughter sing this song,now its hard enough to sing never mind a baby girl,

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