I Survived The Vegas Music Festival Shooting

Kacie Nicole Margis, a survivor from the tragic Las Vegas music festival shooting in 2017, shares her story.

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  1. Me and my mother went to this concert. My mother was going to go alone but ended up getting another ticket so she took me with her. Which thank god she did cuz that February 2017 she had hip surgery and while we were running away my adrenaline was fully throughout my whole body I was kinda pulling my mom cuz adrenaline wasn’t fully in her cuz her hip started hurting. I fully believe if she didn’t get that extra ticket and take me something would have happened to her

  2. Omg! This girl has POTS and was running and panicking for maybe a half hour. How did her heart not just give out or her feint? Blessings to her, her sister, her family, and all the survivors as well as those who’s lives were lost. 🕯

  3. Thank you sharing your story.

    I went to Las Vegas 4 days after October 1,2017. To Visit the memorials, to visit victims in the Hospitals and made them posters of support. to honor those who passed away, to talk to others. Ill never forget what I saw.

  4. have never been in a situation like this poor lady was but don't think i'd call anyone mid-shooting just to say i love them and stuff. would rather focus on surviving and also wouldn't want to worry others. there's nothing they can do at that time other than worrying themselves to death.

  5. I served 3 years in a usa army infantry unit as an 11 Bravo. Those who serve and volunteer to be the last restraint against evil are rarely ever appreciated and discarded by America as the problem. I will leave America to it's own demise. Very 😔 sad as it continually gets worse in our country and world. Hope you are spared the civil war that many want that may come soon. Satan won. People glorified violence in our culture and world. Choose Christ. No other hope

  6. My dad was there he is a cop I freaked out because he had to protect everyone😭 it’s really traumatic because every time I see that building I have to look away I live in lv

  7. I worked graveyard on the strip when this happened…. my manager STILL TRIED TO GET ME TO GO TO WORK! Told me it wasn't that big of a shooting (this is while it's happening so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt it was this bad) but HELL NO did I go in that night.

    Vegas Born.
    Vegas Strong.❤

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