How To Throw Your Own Music Festival With The One And Only Gary Richards (AKA Destructo)

Welcome to Creative Control. In this episode Chris talks with Gary Richards (a.k.a Destructo) about the music business, pioneering electronic music, and how to build a successful festival.


  1. 1. Venue is the most important
    2. Why would I want to go there? Right blend of talent.
    3. How can I stand out and be different?
    4. Check the weather
    5. Plan for cleanup

    Rules of thumb:
    – More people doesn’t mean better event
    – Not about 1 + 1 = 2… be open to weird combinations
    – Be able to weather the storm, don’t expect to sell tickets to re-up; Deliver on everything from every angle, pay every one regardless
    – Don’t sell 100% of your company
    -Expect the unexpected
    -it’s about how you react
    – don’t let things slide, people have to do what they said

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