How to organize a music festival like Tomorrowland

CNN’s Antonia Mortensen takes an exclusive tour behind the scenes at Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland. More from CNN at


  1. You forgot to tell me how to organize a similar festival, I will probably figure that out in 2018 at Perdepera..

  2. Please rename this video to ..background tour at tomorrowland. this is not how to organise a music festival. The title is really misleading. thank you.

  3. Super om zo is rond te kijy hoe alles opgezet is.
    En dat we allemaal liefhebbers zijn van de muziek of we nu groen geel of rood zijn muziek maakt wie we zijn, en dat is een grote Familie..

  4. She has so many things wrong. I mean zero tolerance on drugs? Nope, 214 countries? There are only 193 (In the UN). Dutch people count as locals? Don't have to say much about that.. She then points to a lot of things that are common in European festivals like phone lockers or portable chargers.. Some festival props..

    Edit: I also like how she first says no drug tolerance and then at DreamVillage says "It has a bakery.. coffeeshop.." I guess she just meant cafe, coffeeshop in general means smart-shop.

  5. O please don't pollute the music festival with your dirty media world. Atleast leave this place from your media world

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