GOJIRA – Pol'And'Rock Festival 2018 [LIVE]

Recorded at the Pol’And’Rock Festival on August 2nd 2018

Mixed by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio
Edited by Bryce Hall

Special thanks to the festival organizers, WOSP, Jurek Owsiak, and everyone who helped make this show so memorable.


00:00:00 Intro
00:02:24 Only Pain
00:06:21 The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
00:10:38 Love
00:15:17 Stranded
00:20:00 Flying Whales
00:28:52 The Cell
00:35:45 Backbone
00:42:00 Terra Incognita
00:45:43 Silvera
00:49:43 L’Enfant Sauvage
00:54:02 Mario Drum Solo
00:58:45 The Shooting Star
01:03:48 Explosia
01:11:02 Vacuity


  1. I cannot believe I've never heard of these geniuses before. I have been watching a shitload of videos and listening in awe whilst pointing at my monitors in amazement. First Rotting Christ now Gojira? Damn! Soooooooooooo, glad there is some new/old music to enjoy. Most of this new crap sucks the sweat off a dead man's balls but THIS is REAL!!! Thanks for entering my life Gojira. Very impressed and VERY happy!

  2. I attended many concerts in my life, each was fun. This one was completelly different, I could say it was the most important one in my whole life. It's not a music to smile to, it was like the Catharsis to me. My father died a few months before. We didn't have easy life together, we have not seen each other much for trhee decades. We both were stubborn fucks. When he knew the end is coming he decided to open, tell me all about his live, the brave and the difficult things, then he died at my home, in my room, with me aside. Hard to explain how it works but gentlemen of Gojira made me make the goodbye to my father. This concert is never to be forgoten by me nor underrated. Maybe I will never go to attend any other in my life, all scenarios are possible, damn coronamadness, wars, whatever. I don't give a shit. Gojira, thank you.

  3. Ten koncert był spełnieniem moich muzycznych marzeń, jaram się tym zespołem od dawna, a tu ciach! są na moim ulubionym festiwalu, i na dodatek taki fenomenalny koncert. Wielu mówi że to ich najlepszy koncert do tej pory w ogóle. Jaram się jak pochodna 😀

  4. Recently saw these guys at welcome to Rockville 2021 and the took the weekend by far. I’m still In disbelief that I lead the chat before they hit the stage It was one hell of a show

  5. The catalog with these guys is so good that they can easily play a gigg thats 120-150min, one or if not the best live metal band in the world today. They kill it every time.

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