From Paradise to Hell: Trapped at a Music Festival Because of COVID-19

The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama was placed under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 15th. There are still 40 people trapped on site, in a jungle by a beach that’s no longer paradise.

On April 21st the flight ban in the country was extended to May 22nd, meaning the festival-goers will be stranded for at least another month. This is now the last festival on earth.

Will it be Lord of the Flies, Fyre Festival, or The Beach? Here’s what happens when a tropical music festival goes on lockdown.

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  1. I loved when the people screamed at the police. How dumb is a foreigner for screaming at a South/Central American police officer. It's like asking to be killed.

  2. This is the illusion that people live with the false beliefs about having human rights and can claim on the human rights for freedom.
    It's an illusion, and when it comes to any governmental system and power and authority, that will be enforced.
    If they had of listened and not gotten onto the bus like they did they would still have their own passports.
    But this is a lesson to be learnt.
    It's obvious that they were there to party and not connect with the earth.
    The more they resist and Carry on the longer the possibility that they will remain there.
    This pandemic lockdown event is no different than other events in history that involves the government.

  3. What ? Getting in touch with nature and aboriginals while listening to techno music
    Just rich kids having fun in paradise

  4. pandemic and all serious stuff aside, it's kinda funny how all the self-proclaimed globe trotters and adventurous, fearless party animals suddenly want to go home when things start to get uncomfortable. pretty hard huh? stay the f at home in the first place. I don't see how you get "in touch with nature" by burning hundreds of tons of kerosene to get there anyway.

  5. Connecting and hugging mother nature, then there's an electronic DJ box. These are no hippies, they are just phony wannabe's.

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