1. I've been to some shows but you really gotta go see artists you know and enjoy because all the shows I've been to, they have openers that are trash like that dude you said did the same thing for 15 minutes. The thing about EDM is its oversaturated so there's a lot of junk to sift through to find something good

  2. As a raver the thing that makes me most mad about this is the guy who stole your bracelet! I make and trade kandi. you don’t steal/“trade” with out permission. And if someone doesn’t know you teach them and give them some of yours with out getting any in return. That’s just common courtesy lol
    Also DONT WAVE YOUR GLOVES IN PEOPLES FACES IF THEY DONT ASK FOR A LIGHT SHOW! Honestly so rude! Sorry you met all the jerks swooz

  3. Really close friend of mine, she wanted me to go to the last warped tour. Never have I been to even a CONCERT my guy! So I was like yeahhhhhhh nah. You're not the only one swoozie lol

  4. Ok I had something called silent discos at the pier by my house and and basicall everbody got these wireless headphones while in the concert (I havent done it since covid started because it got ccanceled so I kind of forgot how getting the headphones worked I just remember it took really long)
    that had a volume switch and 3 controls from red green and blue, and each had a different genre of music and you could switch to any and i remember goign with my family and my brother being like you switch to red its so god"" and arguments over which color is the best and which is teh worst and THAT was fun

  5. The blunt truth is you got to take Molly to have fun in that environment, I had the same experience up until my brother handed me a pill than it turned to the best experience of my life

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