Fat Freddy's Drop "Trickle Down" Kotahi Music Festival

Fat Freddy’s Drop “Trickle Down” soul funk at Kotahi Music Festival 2022, a Waitangi Day special recorded for and with tamariki and community at Kahurangi School at Strathmore Park, Pōneke. Tiny school desk jam in the classroom and a mean as hāngi feed after. Chur. #unity #DoItForTheLoveOfMusic
Special thanks Kotahi Music Festival and volunteers, Kahurangi School principal Kyran, staff and board members. Kotahi is dedicated to Kahurangi School tamariki. Shout out to Kahurangi Vaka representing Tā moko on the Trickle Down video thumbnail.

Kotahi Music Festival Credits :
Event Director – Faye McNeil
Event Producer – Lize Immelman
Live Mix Director – Rob Sarkies
Camera Operators – Bill Bycroft, Anna McIntosh, Maisy McLeod-Riera, Celeste Fountaine
Technical support – Rohan Satyanand, Toothfish
Gaffer  – Danielle “Dani” Sciascia
Data Wrangler – Preston McNeil
Sound Recordist – James Dunlop
Live Recording Engineer – Seb Hesp
Post Sound Mix – Mike Gibson
Live Stage gear by Western Audio
Fat Freddy’s Drop live production by Underground Productions
Editing – Lize Immelman, Preston McNeil 
Grade and graphics – Executive Beige
Fat Freddy’s Drop sound mix by Chris Faiumu

Tā moko crew and Kahurangi parent – Lisa
Tipare crew and Kahurangi parents – Setsuko, Leila and Ang
Hāngī crew and Kahurangi parents – Fran, Julie and Ang, The Stuffing QUEEN

Kotahi 2022 was funded by: Wellington City Council, Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage with generous support from: Miramar New World, Wellington International Airport, Penguin Books, Peoples Coffee, Esther Kitchen, Bunnings Warehouse Lyall Bay, Portsmouth, Toothfish. Special thanks Amanda Hereaka, Simon Bowden, Robyn Wong, Penny Cree, Casey Pickett

WAIRUNGA Album Out Now
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  1. Yessss lads, missed your mellow vibes, seen you guys in Holland a few years back, what a gig!!
    Keep grooving 💥👍💪🕺

  2. Life long dream , … have Fat Freddy over for BBQ , jam with them on back deck in west Auckland….

  3. The EnErGEEeee(y)!! Feeling vibes all over & powerful enuff to radiate love streaming thru the screen 💞💥💫🕉🫧✌🏽👏🤗woooooo!! Serious jammin style lil cool dude in the red T~shirt😎🫱🏼‍🫲🏾get down with your bad self 👍🏾😄that’s what is happening!! I would be too, just sayin 😁😂 🎼🎶🎵‼️🪅🌈🌞🫂❣️🥹

  4. This is so good!! See you in August in Warsaw 🤘 Can't wait and can't find those pre-COVID tickets… Search is on 😂

  5. As someone else once said:
    "The worst part of this was that I wasn't there!"
    I suppose you could say that about everything FFD does. 😛

  6. Wow wow wow 🖖 i See everyone has fun ♥️👍 thx Fat Freddy Drop 4 Ur Musik and passion , keep going ma bois ☝️☮️

  7. Great set as usual with fun company then my muse asked me Is aluminum harmful to the environment? so joy and love I share with you.
    Large parts of both the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are affected.In the aquatic environment, aluminium acts as a toxic agent on gill-breathing animals such as fish and invertebrates, by causing loss of plasma- and haemolymph ions leading to osmoregulatory failure.

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