'Experimental' music festival takes place in Netherlands – BBC News

A music festival is taking place in the Netherlands, despite the rest of the country being under a lockdown.

The two-day experiment aims to see if there’s a safe way to allow large-scale social gatherings to restart, without increasing the spread of the virus.

The BBC’s Anna Holligan went to the festival in Biddinghuizen near Amsterdam.

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  1. That really gives me hope. No mandatory masks, no forced social distancing. If a country in europe started experimenting like that in the "peak of the virus season" maybe we will have some luck of normal(ish) festivals coming back summer 21 or 22.

  2. One of your ex-journalists, Alex Belfield, reports about collusion between the BBC and Nottinghamshire Police in a campaign of harassment, illegal and unwarranted searches at his home, the confiscation of technical equipment and being bailed without charge after a few minutes of interview. He has recently posted the video of officers, that are displaying no identification numbers on their collars as they seem to have been removed, threatening to kick his door in (which they subsequently did, and bullying the man without charge or even accusation.
    Will the BBC please report on this and tell us of what charges they accuse this man and why this campaign seems to be totally without legal or moral reason.

  3. Test are nowhere near 100% reliable, and these people are playing with fire. But I'm sure after someone gets it and dies, or watches a relative die, they'll be quick to sue and throw blame at the government or whoever called for this test… not on themselves though, never on themselves.

  4. Siiiickk everyone just needs to get back to normal…..its not the infection rates that should be focused on…….its the death rate, why is the death rate not the focus? Because the death rate vs infection rate is EXTREMELY LOW thats why……..and from October 2020 the UK started combining the official Influenza (Flu) figures with Covid figures…..funny that ay?

  5. This is NOT a "test" if people didn't follow the rules. None of them care if they get sick, risking it to listen to bad music all over again .. Who cares ? I'd rather wait til next year, it's not worth it to me ..

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