Dragon City: Black Metal Dragon, plus Music Festival Island | Completed 2019 😱

∎ Dragon City | Black Metal Dragon “Music Festival Island” – Full Unlock 2019 😱
• Black Metal Dragon : The prince of darkness is one of the most dedicated performers out there! Always rocking out with the crowd, the Black Metal Dragon has an army of fans who follow him around on tour. His powerful electric guitar is always on hand if enemies dare get too close in Dragon City!

The Music Festival Island of Dragon City! 😱
The most unknown of all four-element dragons. Music Festival Island combines the most antagonistic pairs of elements. You can collecting 600 maze coins every day for Free!

∎ How to Breeding Black Metal Dragon 2019 … 😱
Black Metal Dragon is not Currently Breeding. Sorry.

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^^ Enjoy ^^ #MusicFestivalIsland #BlackMetalDragon


  1. Which dragon do you want to unlock in the Music Festival Island ..!! Pls Let Us Know & Comments Below 😱

  2. How do you get the black lock thingy?? I really want the black metal dragon, but I can't!!

  3. DCG besg youtube vid keep it up
    Of you sah fav name of yt you get heart and pin
    I hope it work it worked for others so pls dragon city fan pls
    Dragon City Fan
    Dragon City Fan
    Dragon City Fan

    Love ur vids so so SO much!

  4. Good video. I got the Big rock star dragon and I'm so close getting the K-pop dragon

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