Doja Cat Gets Ready for Balmain’s Music Festival | Good Morning Vogue

In our latest episode of Good Morning Vogue, Olivier Rousteing reflects on 10 years at Balmain with cameos from Doja Cat, Naomi Campbell, and more.

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Doja Cat Gets Ready for Balmain’s Music Festival | Good Morning Vogue


  1. Après tout ce qu'elle a fait et continue à faire, elle devrait être boycotté de partout et retourné dans sa chambre faire ce qu'elle s'est faire de mieux , mais comme le monde est à l'envers est totalement décadent et ben cette chose a une vie de v.i.p volé à des personnes plus talentueuses méritantes, qu'elle !!!

  2. achei muito forçado a opinião da naomi, e como tratou a reporter com respostas prontas, afinal sabemos q ela so liga para a grana

  3. Does anyone enjoy it when people speak in their 1st language because of how comfortable they feel and how conversations seem to flow alot easier

  4. Love love Olivier if you get a chance please watch his doc Wonderboy on Netflix he’s a beautiful soul 🥺✨💕

  5. I know the interviewer didn't mean anything by it but the tone of her "What are you doing here?" sounded serious or like forceful… least I thought so anyways

  6. :40 seconds in, and I just want those croissants in the background lol. Nothing gets me more than French Pastries

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