Defected London 2021 – New House Music & Festival Mix 🇬🇧🌞🔥

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Defected 2021 playlist:

Packed full of upfront tunes and exclusives!

1. Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Mix) 
2. Riva Starr feat. Phebe Edwards – Love Divine (Funk Mix)
3. Dirty Channels – Catch Me
4. Riva Starr feat. Gavin Holligan – The Feeling (Honey Dijon Remix)
5. Sofi Tukker – Drinkee (Vintage Culture & John Summit Remix)
6. Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto – House Is House
7. Melé & Bontan feat. Clementine Douglas – Take Control
8. Dennis Ferrer & Disciples with James Yuill – Whisper (John Summit Remix)
9. Monki – Flipside
10. Dunmore Brothers feat. Ayaba Poetic – Step Closer (Jansons Remix)
11. Ferreck Dawn x Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow
12. Idris Elba & Inner City feat. Steffanie Christi’an – No More Looking Back (David Penn Remix)
13. Cakes Da Killa X Proper Villains feat. Nomi Ruiz – ICU (10 Years Of Eats Everything Remix)
14. Tony Touch – Sacude (Louie Vega Brooklyn Mix)
15. Seamus Haji feat. Mike Dunn – Disco Dreams
16. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Ero Disco Theme
17. Dan Shake & Medlar – Walk
18. COEO – Like It Is
19. D.C. LaRue – Cathedrals (Jamie 3:26 Disco Dub)



Defected YouTube is the home of house music with artists including MK, Sam Divine, CamelPhat, Gorgon City, Monki, Louie Vega & Dennis Ferrer.






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  3. Sounds fresh
    I can believe this is a month old
    I get the mindset of this compilation straightaway
    This speaks look notice steer if you are interested make a move or move on…..
    I have not been inspired to listen to music for months and this is where I landed.
    Very nice

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