1. Oh and btw, for those of you who said not alot of people were jumping around, you are wrong. I was there and trust me I saw plenty of people jumping around. I was one of them lol.

  2. deadmau5 isnt jump up and down and dace your ass off music. its music that makes you think and feel. unlike most edm acts, he is a musician before before a dj. his talent and musical genius is miles ahead of 90% of djs out there. the crowd isnt dancing to the music because they are feeling the music. 

  3. Both Hardwell & Deadmau5 make real good music. You can't compare them though. Hardwell is more focused on club music and is more too the commercial side and Deadmau5 just does whatever he wants. Both awesome DJ's/producers, differents styles. Nuff said.

  4. This is true.

    If you were there you were literally chest to back with everyone there. You'd be thankful if you were shoulder to shoulder with someone. The crowd was amazing. It also depends on who you went to, people you met standing next to you, if they were insane raging as hard as you were, then you were having a good time! I have never raged harder than here. The people from France, Norway, Switzerland, & other European nations went HARD!!!!

  5. good lawd… i get chills every time I hear "Raise Your Weapon" …..the drop, holy f***!!!!!! Pure euphoria feeling when that BASS roars through the crowd. That feeling is, orgasmic. I swear you had to have been there to witness the intensity.

    I was maybe a good 30ft from the front, on the right hand side, along the barricades in the middle.

  6. For the people who say the crowd is "Dead". It's not dead. Yeah sure they aren't jumping, but they are partying. Don't judge a party by just looking at footage for couple of minutes. If you were there. I bet you well be partying.

  7. SHM and all the other modern house producers sound the same. Nothing they do stands out to anyone but the clubbers who listen to any kind of shit that's currently popular.

  8. Can you really blame them, the music is to good to be enjoyed with annoying people screaming in your ears. It's hypnotizing and you want to hear the full effect, not to mention when you are on shrooms, lsd you experience some crazy mind shit

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